what we do
From inception the company has and continues today to invest in new plant and equipment.

"We take pride in each and every component we produce, whether a bolt small enough for an electrical switch or large enough for a quarry rock crusher. And everything and anything in between."

David Eglinton

Milled shapes: using manual and CNC milling machines up to 1.2m x 1m x 1m
Turned shapes: using manual and CNC lathes up to 1.2m dia x 4m long
Holes: drilled, reamed, bored, tapped, counterbores
Grinding: cylindrical, surface, bench and tool and cutter grinders
Keyways: cut, internal and external
Welding: TIG, MIG, oxy and arc welding
Cutting: Cold saw, bandsaws - vertical & horizontal, oxy
Honing: of inside diameters
Pressing: to 85 tons, plus "porta pack"

Drawings and Designs: using Inventor Parametric Solid Modeller and AutoCAD. Email your drawings or solid models for assessment, quote and manufacture
CNC Tool paths generated: from your drawings or ours, using tool path software for CNC Mill and CNC Lathe
Assembling and fitting: using on-site skills and an extensive range of hand tools
Repairs and Reconditioning of damaged and worn parts
Replacement parts manufactured. Upgrades often possible using design and material improvements

street address 9-11 Langman Avenue Magill South Australia 5072 phone Tel 08 8431 2755 Fax 08 8332 1787 email address info@eglinton.com.au